5 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty with Social Media (Part 1))

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5 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty with Social Media (Part 1)


Do you want to keep more of your customers?

Looking for ways to nurture customer relationships with social media?

Social media can play a pivotal role in building more meaningful connections with customers, so they stay with you longer.

In this article, you’ll discover a five-step plan to help you boost customer loyalty with social media.

 Listen to Customers

In addition to opinion that is held or expressed, social listening can play an important role in customer retention. Especially when, you’ll want to use social listening to find out:

  • Where your customers congregate on social media
  • Which of your products and services they talk about
  • If they have consistent praises or complaintsthat you should encourage or address

What types of content they consistently share; do they post a lot of photos or use specific hashtags?

Many social listening tools let you monitor for these data points. You can use this data to compile content ideas where social outreach might play a significant role post-purchase.

Outline an Engagement Plan

Conversion activities are the next step in growing the customer relationship. This is where you proactively provide the value that your customers seek based on your listening. As you deepen customer relationships, a cycle begins where customers provide feedback, you fine-tune the value you provide, and so on.

Once you establish a level of engagement, develop conversion activities that focus on building a deeper relationship with customers. Here are some key elements to include when you’re trying to keep customers involved with your business on social media:

Create a calendar for your content that ensures ongoing communication and reflects the needs of your business. Make sure that you account for business goals, such as driving in-store sales, promotions around new products, seasonal campaigns, and so on.

Define the content, offers, and/or rewards that you’ll provide. Use what you’ve learned about your customers, what they value, and how you can encourage positive behaviour while addressing common questions or concerns.

Create conversion activities that are easy to participate in. With most social activity occurring on mobile, it’s critical that any conversion activity you promote is simple to click through and complete, regardless of your consumers’ device. Also, people like to remain in their current context, so the more your conversion activities take place in the social environment, the more successful you’ll be.

Identify the data you need to collect to track success, from which campaigns get the most interaction to who is participating.

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