Accountability media as new frontier for activism

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Perhaps, it may be best to introduce this topic by defining the words: ‘Accountability’ and ‘media’.

Accountability can simply be defined as the task expected of an individual or a corporate body to accept responsibility of their activities or actions through necessary explanations, possible justifications, and transparent Picture1disclosures.  Also, media in the same context refers to agencies, avenues or instruments through which information is communicated, circulated or exchanged.

Accountable media denotes the media outlets that are socially conscious and help in holding government accountable for actions or inactions in the discharge of its constitutional responsibilities towards the citizenry.  This encompasses all the ways we access information and use communication; including traditional media (electronic and print media); new media (mass communication through the application of the Internet interface such as social media), as well as, mobile telephony.

Furthermore, accountability media in its bid to ensure increase in transparency and accountability, links its media role to civil society efforts in order to guarantee open government, open data and right to information.

In subsequent contributions we will probe deeper into this unique aspect of media.

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