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As a non profit organisation, your newsletter, if well written and distributed, could be of immense benefit. A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication on a topic of interest to its subscribers. In reviewing your newsletter, there are some vital considerations you must  take into cognisance. Some of these will be explained in succeeding paragraphs.

The focus of any newsletter is the audience/subscribers; the newsletter is not just about you but the audience. In gaining acceptability by your audience, you must gather demographics and decide what content would suit your audience. Also you must decide what topics that would be of interest to your audience and include a variety of topics such as featured articles and response boxes that would make them look forward to your newsletter.

Writing subjectively (without research) could pose great dangers to your newsletter as you risk providing incorrect or inaccurate information that either confuse your audience or lead them astray. You must make sure to provide statistics, expert opinions, source and quotes to prove the credibility and validity of your research and give credits when it’s due. Keep all information accurate by using the six questions– Who? What? When? Where? and How?– to give your newsletter vitality.  You must also use concise, readable and understandable language to ensure readability by your audience.

Writing headlines that evoke curiosity by using action verbs keeps your readers interested and makes them want to read rather than skim over your articles because they find it uninteresting. Headlines is one of the keys to creating loyal readers, since a well read headline means a well read article and a well read Newsletter. All these formatted in a good layout all also make readability easy and make information easily accessible by your readers. So its paramount that you have interesting headlines and layout your articles in a precise and orderly manner.

Articles with typographical  and grammatical errors pose a great dent to your credibility to your organisation and your newsletter’s readability. It is paramount to proofread for typos and consistency in tone and voice. Never leave proofreading to your spell and grammar check tools, as they are great for editing but poor for manual editing.

Benefits of newsletters to your nonprofit

Maintaining relationships

Maintaining relationships is no doubt priority for your nonprofit. You don’t want to be the type of organisation that reaches out to supporters only when you are soliciting for help. Newsletters can be an effective way to maintain relationship with donors, volunteers and advocates on an ongoing basis. It is important to note that the key is to make it valuable to recipients. So the Newsletter must be mutually beneficial.

Distribute informative content

Your email newsletter could be a great way to educate those interested in your cause thus equipping them with knowledge to be more informed supporters of your nonprofit. Even if they don’t fall into the categories of supporters or donors, they could still be informed of the cause of your nonprofit.

Promote upcoming events and volunteer opportunities

There are chances that your supporters, volunteers or donors wont regularly visit your website to see what’s on your calendar, so sending it as newsletters to their inboxes would be a great way to promote events and hopefully get them interested as well as get more people interested.

Emails are easy to share

Much like social media, emails make it easy for your volunteers to spread the word about what your nonprofit and what you are doing as people are far more receptive to something that is recommended by a friend or a family member.

Recognising donors, volunteers and supporters

Recognising those that contribute to your non profit’s success can be very helpful in establishing long term relationships. You can use your nonprofit’s email as an avenue to thank those that contributed in various capacities and provide details on what their support meant to your non profit.

Share your non profit’s successes

There is a saying that people tend to associate with success. Most people get involved with your non profit because they care about your success as an organisation. Email newsletter is a great medium to share your non profit’s successes and the impact its having in the community. It also makes your supporters, volunteers and donors feel that they are part of the ongoing success and gives them a sense of belonging.

Much easier and cheaper than direct mails

Finally, email newsletters are cheaper and easier to produce than direct mails which may include printing and postage costs plus you can also add links to component of your Web presence. An email newsletter can be fairly simple but an effective addition to your overall non profit’s web presence. It can also help you maintain relationship and connect with volunteers an supporters and keep your non profit at the top of people’s mind.

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