Social Media as Active Advocacy Tool for Customer Loyalty Improvement

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In an earlier article titled “5 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty with Social Media” we examined the pivotal role of social media in the encouragement and maintenance of customer loyalty.  We also explored the necessity of adequately listening to customers, as well as, how to use carefully outlined engagement plan to ensure loyalty.

In this write-up, we will examine other factors that help an organisation remain attractive to the customer. This becomes more important since sustained customer loyalty is perceived as inevitable in the sustenance and growth process of any organisations.

The social media can be used as an advocacy tool which enables an organisation identify, engage and appropriately reward loyal customers. The deserving customers are easily identified through adequate use of social listening tool.  These tools are easily available online.

Here customers’ participation is rewarded constantly with varying gifts.  It can also encourage social value exchange by using specialised emails with embedded social trigger to target loyal customers. These motivate the customers to actively engage and identify with the organisation through the social media.

This way, such an organisation maintains visibility in the consciousness of its customers. Ultimately, this boosts brand loyalty. This strategy also significantly enhances the fund-raising efforts of non-profit organisations.

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